You have selected a show that plays initially as a slide show. Of the 16 slide shows 11 have MUSIC and DAY DREAMIN COWBOY has GUNSHOTS. Before you hit the START button be sure that you are comfortable and ready to watch because 9 of the shows run at 60 seconds or less. You will have the option to watch the slide show again or to watch it in the manual mode. If you want to end the show at any time hit STOP. If you do that the show returns to the start position.

If you can't see (Click here to go to start page) at the bottom of this page or the Start and Stop buttons on the next page, scroll down.

To be sure that you are viewing the images in the best possible way, do the following:

Pick a short show and watch it in your normal way.

Play the same show again, this time, just before you click the start button, Maximize the Screen Size.

Play the same show, but click on F11 before you click on the start button. You get a full screen look with F11.

Including your normal view, you can now choose from three possible looks for all the shows that you view.


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