If you represent a museum, university or college and are interested in acquiring one of my gelatin silver fiber based black and white collections (gratis) for your institution, please fill out the following form and email it to me.

If you represent a library, I am offering at least one or two complete sets of cd’s which will include 16 Flash slide shows and 40 manually viewed shows.

With the exception of Ned Bosnick’s Texas, only one collection of each of the shows is available to donate. A second similar collection is available to purchase.

All the black and white photographs are gelatin silver on fiber-based paper toned with Rapid Selenium and were photographed in the period between the mid 1970’s and 1995. They were printed between 1982 and 2006, mostly in the 20th century. Their 200-year life expectancy is the longest life span of all black and white papers.

If you would like to have just one photograph, a number of archival black and white or color ink jet prints are available.

Thank you for visiting.

Note: The only existing LOUVRE show printed on gelatin silver fiber-based paper is in the documentary section of the LOUVRE and thus is not available in that form. The LOUVRE does not have a photography collection but will accept into the documentary section photographs that document the history of the LOUVRE and its satellite activities.

FRANK GEHREY’ PARIS MUSEUM is also not available in a gelatin silver fiber based form since the only original is permanently housed in the Portland Art Museum in Portland, Oregon.

THE TALK OF PARIS, also not available, has been acquired by the University of Pittsburgh’s Frick Gallery.

Ned Bosnick’s TEXAS was made in honor of Texas 150th birthday and it is the only collection that had 15 originals, of which I have 9 remaining. The Ellen Noel Art Museum in Odessa, Texas has the first donated copy of this show.

Another copy is available for the East Coast, West Coast or another country.

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