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I sometimes I think of Bill as my personal 9-1-1. He has come to my computer problems’ rescue so many times that I am forever in his debt. Bill has created programs, taught and done trouble shooting in China, Canada, Korea and Taiwan.

In the USA he has done work for Eastman Kodak, Union Carbide, Imperial Oil and the Army Corps of Engineers to name a few. And he created a program from scratch for me for a small one-of-a-kind company that supported my photography for about 15 years.


Probably most of the edges that you have seen on photographs have been straight lines. In my work you will find numerous curved edges and a variety of shapes, all executed by the Free Hand Cutting of Broadway Gallery’s Wes Brown. He has taught this skill to framers at both local and national levels.

Empire Advertising & Design

During the past 3 ½ years it took to get this show online I either hired or consulted with nine web site designers.

However, it wasn’t until October of 2007 when I contracted with Leeanne and the building of the site actually began.

Leeanne has a degree in Theatre from the Arizona State University and has done some minor work for Hollywood productions shot in Arizona. She currently has a company in Houston that does web sites as well as the usual ad agency offerings.

I sat next to her during all the hours she spent building this site. She has a calm easy-to-be-around-manner and manages to get an incredible amount of work done with little visible effort.

It is a joy to work with her.


Carolyn has spotted prints and done my retouching for 20 plus years. Her work is superb, reasonably priced and with the use of the Internet, she can do artwork for people around the world.


A 2004 recipient of a National Heritage Fellowship Award from the National Endowment for the Arts, Milan has written “TAMBURITZA AMERICA,” a 300-page book with 200 photographs documenting the history of the music brought to the New World by the early South Slav immigrants.

In addition to having a band for over 50 years. Milan builds and repairs stringed instruments.


Orit grew up with a film director father and a mother who writes novels and screenplays.

Orit’s great love is the theater.

In her career she has done many of the jobs associated with the theater, but mainly she works as an actress and a director.

She enjoys touring shows and shows in Paris, then she rushes to the country to re-charge her creative batteries and most importantly to be with her man…who happens to be a horse whisperer.

I can attest to the depth and breadth of her creativity having spent 2 days running around Paris shooting hundreds of images of her mostly improvising my minimalist directions.

Jean Renoir would have liked the Orit show.


When you go to Paul’s home page and read all that he has done in music, you have to conclude that that he has boundless energy to have accomplished all that he has in such a short time. When you work with him as I have, you are impressed with his quiet creativity, his youthful enthusiasm, relaxed professionalism and his abundance of pure talent.


I went to a Penn Hills high school reunion in 2005 and spoke with Poach Sahene, with whom I have been friends since the first grade. He told me about his son, Shane, whose whole life, night and day, was performing or writing or listening to or recording music. I would characterize his work as being on the cutting edge of today’s pop world with a fairly strong 60’s rock and roll influence. I actually prefer the pieces without the rock and roll because it’s like listening to music from an undiscovered planet.


Ron has been our Mac consultant throughout most of the project and for about a year or so he was the Web Site Developer of Record. It was during the time that I was sizing the 1819 images and building the outsized borders. He, along with Jovanni DiFatta of California, stressed keeping the maximum size around 700 pixels which roughly translates to 10 inches on the horizontal side.

When I was ready to proceed, he took a closer look at my project and saw that it had grown beyond his ability to do it since he has a full time job as a programmer for Mac.


Cantiga’s music is rooted in medieval times and is primarily associated with the Rennaissance. They use modern chord progressions with music that is centuries old and they have fans in over 40 countries.


When I started this project in 2005 there was a huge amount of artwork to be done. I tried hiring people to do it, but that didn’t work out, so when my last spotter didn’t want to continue, I had no choice but to learn to spot and do minor artwork.

Bob Warren taught me and provided diagrams for the few things I needed to know in Photoshop CS-2. He is also a working photographer who teaches classes, individuals and does workshops on various photography subjects.


Owned by my former wife Janice Jones (see Snapshots of My Wife), Bejays is one of Houston’s long time successful studios specializing in weddings, portraits and pets.

She provided space for my darkroom.

CLAY THOMPSON is one of those rare people who do many things extremely well, from rebuilding a car, cooking some exotic dish, replacing your entire air conditioning system or teaching digital photography to professionals.


Major is a photographer and web site designer who gave me my first Photoshop lesson on Photoshop Elements and built my first website.

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