I believe that each photograph has a size at which it looks best. Therefore many of my photographs are a variety of under 8x10 sizes.

When I use the phrase “under 8x10” that could mean any imaginable size under 8x10. However, most of the horizontal 8x10’s are 9-9.5 inches on the horizontal and the verticals max out at around 9 inches.

Purchasing Instructions

Before you click to purchase, you need to have three items of information.

1. The name of the show where the image you want to purchase appears.
2. The Image Number, located at the top left of the image in the Manual Slideshow.
3. A short description of the image.

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There are 5 ways you can acquire a black and white or color print.

A. Museum Quality Inkjet Prints. Starting at $89.00, we will have an ink jet print made (under 8x10) at a professional lab on their highest quality printer with archival inks onto archival paper, which is the best existing digital combination. Click here to purchase.

B. Standard Prints. For $47.00, we will have an under 8x10 print made by a professional lab from a high resolution file. Click here to purchase.

In my opinion the best black and white print is on gelatin silver fiber-based paper and for color it is Cibachrome. They look the best, have the longest life expectancy at 200 plus years and have the best chance for long-term value.

C. CIBACHROME aka ILFOCHROME is a color printing procedure created in Switzerland and is generally acknowledged as the most archival of all the existing color processes. The colors are wonderfully vivid with an added dimension since your print would be printed from the original slide.

The cost to me of one Cibachrome 8x10 is about 5 times the price of an 8x10 color print made some other way.

Because of the high cost, Cibachrome has lost much of its commercial viability in the last two decades. BUT, if you want the truest print from a certain color slide and/or the longest life known to man, there is no question that this is the best option. The initial introductory price on these 8x10 prints will be $139.00. Click here to purchase.


These are priced individually, most starting at $149.00 for an under 8x10 with others starting higher due to having had past sales. I substantially raise the price after each sale.

Depending on the number of remaining prints the second sale of a similar print could be anywhere from $359.00 up to multiple thousands

In my entire career I have recognized that in order to give a print a chance to have real long-term value I have to limit the number of museum quality gelatin silver black and white prints in existence.

Knowing how many fine art photographers there are in the world making prints, I would say that the chances of winning a lottery are as good as a print from one of the unknown photographers becoming valuable. However, some unknown photographers of today will become the Blue Chip photographers of tomorrow. All you have to do is pick the right photographer.

If an obscure photographer’s work gets the attention of collectors at auctions and if you have some of her or his work, you could put it up for auction. My knowledge in that arena is very limited, but I know that the record price paid for one print at auction was $2.9 million at Sotheby’s in 2006. The photograph was Edward Steichen’s Moonlight-The Pond.

If you have some interest in collecting photographs there is a publication called THE PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTOR (info@photoreview.org) which would be a good place to start your education. Tell them that you seek beginner information.

In the world of photograph collecting, older prints (those made closer to the time of the production of the negative) in good condition are usually more valuable than later prints made by the same artist from the same negative.

My habit during all of my life in photography is to spend as much time as it takes to get a print that I adore, which sometimes is measured in days, then when I finally get it right, I start to feel my back hurting and I want to get out of the darkroom ASAP, so I now usually only make two or three additional prints.

The gelatin silver fiber-based black and white prints sold herein will be those prints made shortly after the production of the negative.

Click here to request pricing information for specific Black & White Silver Prints.

E. Limited Edition Posters. Limit one of each per person. Click here to purchase.

Texas Sand Poster: $29.00
Poster Size: 24" X 18"

Metro Poster: $49.00
Poster Size: 18" X 24"

F. FREE Downloads. If you would like to have a picture but can't afford to, I give you permission to download.


During the past three plus years every computer professional that I spoke with advised me that the color I see on my monitor is very likely to be different from what you see on your monitor.

Therefore, since it is not possible for me to guarantee that you will see the exact color that you are seeing on your monitor when you purchase a color print, we will not accept returns, make refunds or trades of any kind on color prints because when we sent it, it was acceptable based on my monitor and what the lab could do.

I think that you will like what we send you.

Personally I love it when the colors go crazy. There are several basketball pictures where the court is a blazing orange; on a few the court is lime green, one where the player is kind of lavender. Wonderful.

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